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Vaasanpuistikko 18, Vaasa
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Service, traditions & Special offers

Vaasa Market Hall offers you the perfect traditional shoppingexperience. We combine traditions with modern service and interesting new offers. The markethall is the place where you meet old friends, make new ones, discuss the weather - and do your daily shopping at the same time.

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Tel. 044-3479009
www.bistrokauppahalli.com | info(at)bistrokauppahalli.com
Mon-Sat 11-15

Welcome for lunch in an old-world environment!

Bistro Kauppahalli is a different lunch restaurant where customers are served their tasty choices at the table. Welcome to experience luxury amidst your everyday hustle and bustle!

Examples of our menu:
-Club sandwiches
-Also catering!


Phone +358 (0)50 5641042

The Market hall´s own meat counter. We have domestic meats, locally sourced meats, ecological meats and even specialities from for example Portugal, Spain and Italy, all of the best quality.

Looking for something new!? Please ask us, we can recommend and give you recipies!

Welcome to visit us!


Tel. 050 - 5943 034

Here you can find our pricelist (in Finnish and Swedish) for sandwiches etc. that you can order for you work meeting ie. We need your order preferably one day in advance.

Bakery products
You can get local bakeries´ products from our cafe. For example you can find Finland´s best bakery -competition winner´s Aroma Bageri & Konditori´s products from us. We also have products from Gunilla Norrlin Chocolates (their french chocolate cake is amazing!) and Andreas Knips homebakery.

Products for everyday events and parties!
You can also order products from us whenever you need to make your day delicious! Salty and sweet treats to your daily life, family meetings, weddings and company events.

Contact us or stop by, let´s plan your day together!


Tel. 010 2292 444
www.kalaliike.fi | info@kalaliike.fi

Delicacies from the Sea!
The Market Hall houses the one and only fishmonger's in Vaasa. We offer fresh fish from the Kvarken, smoked fish from Sundom, shellfish and canned fish products as well as seasonal products, e.g. Swedish surströmming (soured herring), lamprey, lutefish (air-dried whitefish), live crayfish, etc.

Examples of our products:
-Fresh fish from the Kvarken
-Smoked fish from Sundom
-Seasonal products, e.g. live crayfish


Phone +358 50 5291444
Mo - fr: 09 - 18
Sa: 09 - 15


Phone +358 50 5436248

Deli, cheeses, vegetables and root vegetables


Phone +358 45 1683222
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Mo - fr: 10 - 15
Sa: 11 - 14

Thai restaurant with lunch buffet.


Devoted personal service!

Visit us at the Market Hall for lunch, finish it off with a nice espresso and bring home some nice fresh ingredients - everything conveniently under the same roof! We also offer special treats that make your tastebuds water. If you are looking for a gift, we can offer you art, decor, clothing and much more. Welcome!

A place fore shopping and Rendez-Vous for more than a century

For over a century Vasa Market Hall has been serving people as an essential gatheringplace and market in Vaasa. We, the merchants are very proud of our gothic style hallbuilding and its athmosphere ringing with history. Vasa Market Hall is one of the oldest in Finland, it is also protected by museum laws.

Vaasan Kauppahalli's site was owned over hundred years by Halli Oy but was sold to property investment company vvt (www.vvtkiinteistosijoitus.fi/) in 2016. Halli Oy was founded by Oskar Rewell, A W Stenfors and K H Majantie in 1900. The first site to be purchased by Halli Oy was the plot in the junction of Vaasanpuistikko 18 / Kauppapuistikko 13. This was the site where the Market Hall was built according to the designs of architect A W Stenfors, in order to make a modern tradingplace in Vaasa.

The Market hall was built in two separate sections of which the first, the one adjacent to Vaasanpuistikko stood clear in 1902, the second one, closer to Kauppapuistikko in 1927. From 1963 and on, the two halves have been joined together, making a free passage between the upper and the lower section of the Market Hall.

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